Masadyl and picodyl liquid seized in Kawthoung

Masadyl and picodyl liquid seized in Kawthoung


13 July – A combined team comprising members of the local intelligence unit,

Border Area Inspection Headquarters and Kawthoung Special Anti-drug Squad,

acting on information, searched KT 141 motor-boat at Myoma Jetty in Kawthoung on

3 June morning and seized 8 bottles of Masadyl liquid each containing 100

millilitre and 6 bottles of picodyl liquid each containing 120 millilitre,

totalling 1.52 litre from the Kyaw Zeya, who steered the boat. Action is being

taken against Kyaw Zeya, 34, son of U Myint Thein of Ywama Road, Shwehintha Ward

in Kawthoung under Section 15/ 19(A)/20 (B) of the Narcotic Drugs and

Psychotropic Substances Law by Kawthoung Police Station.