A suspicious-looking Land-Rover marking a Thailand car registration No-3113

A Thai National Aboard on a Land-Rover Caught

with Heroin

in Tachileik


suspicious-looking Land-Rover marking a Thailand car registration No-3113 with

two Thai nationals aboard was found parking near the Friendship Bridge in

Tachileik on the 1st of April by a security team.

Upon enquiry, the two Thais refused to be investigated and struggled to escape

in a hassle and bustle commotion. One luckily escaped and the other was caught

wounded in the right calf with gun shot, along with the vehicle.

Upon further search in the caught vehicle, 89 packets of heroin powder bearing a

Two-Lion Globe brand, weighing 350g per packet, totaling 31.15 kg and 16 heroin

blocks with 999-brand, weighing 400g per block, totaling 6.41 kg and grand

totaling 37.56 kg were found hidden in the card-board containers made in

Thailand, in the rear part of the vehicle.

Upon further investigation and the

evidence of other documents it was found that the Thai being caught was called

Dang (27), living at No. (43), Ward No.3, Chiang Mai, Thailand. The other Thai

who absconded was a Thai national called Okkara Mongo Kol (38) holding a Thai

National identity card No.3519900124405, living at No. 13/ 1, Ward No.6, Linping

Tract, Mu-An Town, Langmon District, Thailand.

Action has been taken for the Thai suspect and the drug seized, in the police

station concerned in accordance with the Drug and Psychotropic Substances Law.

And also a process has been initiated in cooperation in order to seek and seize

the other participants involved from Myanmar/Thailand, it has been learnt.