Heroin and paraphernalia seized in Monekoe

Heroin and paraphernalia seized in Monekoe


19 May – A combined team comprising Tatmadawmen of the local battalion and

members of the intelligence unit and Myanmar Police Force, acting on

information, searched the house of Chein Hon Phu, son of U Chein Gara Lu, of No

203, Ward 2, Monekoe in Shan State (North) on 4 May and seized 2.33 kilos of

heroin, two sets of heroin dissolving machine, a set of small scale and its

weights, an electric plastic packing machine, two Chinese cellular phones, a

gold chain, a gold ring, a pair of gold earplugs, a gold quartz watch, Yuan

1,000 and ancient Chinese coins together with Chein Hon Phu and his wife Daw Yan

Chun Yi. Action is being taken against them under the Narcotic Drugs and

Psychotropic Substances Law by Myanmar Police Force.