International and Regional Cooperation

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International and Regional Cooperation

Finished products of lesser-used species

In the field of conserving and managing wildlife and wild plants, FD

has been cooperating with a number of international organizations, which  include Asian Elephant Specialist 

Group (AESG), Global Tiger Forum  (GTF), Wildlife Conservation Society 

(WCS-US), South-East Asian Zoos  Association (SEAZA), Washington  Park Zoo – Oregon (US), Whale and

Dolphin Conservation  Society – WDCS (UK), David  Shepherd Conservation Foundation 

DSCF (UK) and Department of Wildlife  and National Parks, Peninsular  Malaysia

(DWNP), etc.


Inclose cooperation with


Forest Research Institute of FD has been cooperating with 

International Neem Network,  Smithsonian 

Institutions of US, Central America and Mexico Coniferous Resources Cooperative

(CAMCORE), International Network for  Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR) and  International Tropical Timber 

Organization (ITTo).

Exhibition offinished products

of lesser-used species

jointly organized by FD and ITTO in 2000

Concerning with reforestation and environmental greening, both FD and 

DZGD are working together with Japan  International Forestry Promotion and 

Cooperation Center (JIFPRO), Yomiuri  Shimbun of Japan, Korea International 

Cooperation Agency (KOICA),  Organization for Industrial, Spiritual and 

Cultural Advancement International –  OISCA International (Japan), Regional 

Community Forestry Training Center  (RECOFTC), Regional Wood Energy  Development

Programme of FAO,  Tropical Forest Research Ltd. Fletcher Challenge Co.of New Zealand, Nippon 

Paper Industries Co. Ltd. and Marubeni  Corporation of Japan.

With regard to forest resources  monitoring and assessment, FD has been in 

close collaboration with Japan Forest  Technical Association (JAFTA). FD has 

also established strong working  relationship with both Japan Overseas 

Forestry Consultants Association  (JOFCA) and JIFPRO in identifying,  testing and application of criteria and 

indicators and in implementing model  forests for achieving progress towards

sustainable forest management.

Information sharing among


other interesting  groups

Japan  International Cooperation Agency

(JICA)  has been a long-standing partner in training  and extension component of Myanmar’s 


Above all, FD has been actively participating in international conventions relevant to biodiversity conservation, 

combatting desertification and trade in  endangered species, and also in the 

forest-related events organized by UN bodies,

FAO,  ITTO, the Association of South East  Asian Nations (ASEAN) and the 

Bangladesh-India-Myanmar Sri Lanka-Thailand-Economic

Cooperation  (BIMST-EC).