Future Perspective

Future Perspective

     As we enter the 21st Century, Myanmar is embarking on programmes for the all round national development and promoting the quality of life the people. Currently the National Health Plan (1996-2001) is being implemented. It is imperative that in order to have proper perspective for health development in the 21 st Century, it is necessary to review and assess the past and on going programmes regarding the achievements and constraints, for developing effective plans for the 21st century.

 P4401.jpg (17452 bytes)    Myanmar, like other countries in the midst of political, socio-economic, environmental, technological, demographic and epidemiological transition. Although death rates have declined and life expectancy has increased, Myanmar is facing the double burdern of diseases, communicable as well as non communicable.

     Among the resources for national building, human resource is the most important component. The health

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status of the people in general and the work force in particular, determines the rate of socio-economic development of a country and the economic development in turns promotes the living standard and quality of life. There is no doubt that health development goes hand in hand with economic growth. Health also requires a sound environment. People need to live in an environment that is conducive to health.                                                                                         


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going into the community

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    Thus, integration of health, environment and sustainable development programmes will be carried out for building a modern and developed

nation. The Ministry of Health will ensure the reduction of traditional hazards and at the same time establish health and environmental safeguards to prevent the modern hazards of environmental pollution and uncontrolled consumption of national resources resulting in environmental degradation.

     The health sector has to address the remaining health issues and also prepare for the challenges of the 21st Century. Strengthening the health sector to meet the key issues of equity, effectiveness, efficiency and health care will be a priority, At the same time strong partnerships will be forged between formal and informal sectors including local and international NGOs and the active participation of the community will be morbilized in implementing health development


     In the era of increase globalization, no country is immune to the consequences of the action of other people and nations. Regional and global cooperation and coordination will be crucial for ensuring the health and prosperity of all mankind.