Illegal drug traffickers get prison terms

Illegal drug
traffickers get prison terms

Daw Yan Shauk San, Shauk Le, Htaik Saw, Lauk Si and Lauk
Ae together with seized stimulant tablets.


Seized 1,087,600 stimulant tablets, Arms and ammunition
and bullet-proof vest.

7 Aug – A combined team comprising members of the local intelligence unit,
Tachilek Anti drug Squad and local Myanmar Police Force, acting on information
searched the house of U Shauk Le and Daw Yan Shauk San in Palian Ward, Taung
Leik Village-tract in Tachilek Township and arrested Shauk Le, Daw Yan Sbauk
San, Lauk Si Htaik Saw and Ae together with 1,087,600 stimulant tablets, one M 22
rifle and 20 rounds of ammunition, a Reminton shot-gun and 3 rounds of
ammunition a .22 rifle and three rounds of ammunition The authorities found
three pistols and 75 rounds of ammunition, baht, yuan and kyat notes, gold-wears
in a Ford car with number plate 3t Kha 4578 which was together with a Toyota
Vista car with number plate 3/Kha5147 under the house and a pistol and seven
rounds of ammunition on Shauk Le at 8.35 am on 24 May 2000.

On further investigation, 200,000 yuan was
found at Room 10 of Shwe Lin Star Guest House. The Tachilek Police Force filed
Shauk Le, 43, of Pansai, Lauk Ae, 36 of Hom Aik Village; Lauk Kai Township.
Htaik Saw, 19, of Pansai, Daw Yan Shauk San,40, of Pansai under section 15/19
(A)20 /(A)22 (B) of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Law.

The Kengtung District Court handed down
five years’ imprisonment under Section 15 and sentenced to death under Section
20 (A)2 2B) on Shauk Le and Lauk Ae, five year’s imprisonments under Section IS
and twenty-five year’s imperisoment under Section 20 ( A )/21 on Lauk Si and
Htaik Saw an d five year’s imprisonment under 15 and fifteen years’ imprisonment
under Section 20 (A)/21 on Daw Yan Shauk San on 28 July 2000. All the
imprisonment and sentences were to be served separately.