Does UPS Drug Test?

United Parcel Service (UPS) is a huge international logistics company that handles the delivery of items worldwide. Before you take up a job offer in the company, you may ask, does UPS drug test 2023?

At different times of the year, administrative and non-administrative positions are open for fresh recruitment. Our post will guide you to know if you need to undergo a drug test for the desired position. We also explain how the drug test might go so you can prepare yourself to pass the tests and land your desired job position.

Does UPS Drug Test?

How does UPS Drug testing work?

UPS is a global brand with business outlets and offices in major cities worldwide. UPS drug testing often occurs when employing package drivers. Other employees may not be required to take a drug test except in a few cases. However, those who require a drug test are informed to go to trusted laboratories that serve UPS employees. Prospective workers will wait for an appointment from the laboratory, which often comes on short notice. In some states in the US, prospective workers are asked to visit specific laboratories to book an appointment for a urinalysis. At-home drug test UPS solutions are not accepted.

The major drug test that UPS requires is the THC drug urine test.

How to take the UPS warehouse drug test?

The following steps are generally observed when taking a urine test at the laboratory.

  •       Present yourself to the laboratory attendant for the urine test. You will receive a sample cup and be taken to the bathroom.
  •       You may be given specific instructions before the test to ensure you comply with their urine test standards.
  •       Take your sample cup and get some urine from the later part of the flow. Cover the sample and hand it over to the attendant.
  •       Within some minutes, you should get your test results and advice from the laboratory technician about the next line of action to pursue.

Does UPS Drug test entry-level positions?

UPS policy on drug tests is not set in stone. All entry-level full-time drivers are required to take a drug test. Package handlers only sometimes take a drug test except in a few cases. Sometimes the hiring process for administrative positions requires a drug test report to be included in the medical fitness report of the prospective employee.

What happens if you fail to pass UPS drug test?

If you fail the pre-employment drug test at UPS, you may not be granted employment immediately. Sometimes the authorities give a second chance when they are particularly interested in the CV of the person who fails the drug test. However, in the second instance, you must pass the drug test before you can be employed as a UPS driver.

If the drug test is to provide proof of inappropriate behavior, such as getting drunk on duty, the person involved is recommended to the appropriate disciplinary committee. In mild cases, the person may be temporarily suspended from work until the investigation is completed. In cases of gross misconduct, the person may be forced to resign from the position held at the company.

Kinds of drug tests at UPS

The major type of test required at UPS is the THC urine test. However, depending on the situation, the company may recommend a different drug test. Below are some drug test cases and when they are normally required at UPS

Pre-Employment Testing

Full-time drivers must take the physical DOJ exams and submit a recent urine drug test result. Part-time drivers and package handlers may not be required to take the UPS pre-employment drug screen. Sometimes, persons aspiring to fill administrative positions are also asked to provide a THC test alongside their medical report.

Random Testing

UPS random drug test occurs when there is a reason for the administration to ascertain compliance with drug safety rules among the staff. The notice for random testing often goes to full-time drivers. In this case, the employees are given short notice so the test results can be available as soon as possible. Random testing of drivers is a method the company uses to assess workplace safety and responsible behavior among employees.

Reasonable Suspicion Testing

This type of test is required when there is a report of drug-related incidents such as fighting, low attention span, or reckless attitudes. People who have a background of drug abuse may also be suspected. The suspects are mandated to take a supervised drug test at a trusted laboratory.

The test results would determine what disciplinary steps to take against erring employees. However, other fact-based data may also be required before disciplinary actions are taken.

Post-Accident Testing

When an accident involves drivers, the company uses drug tests as part of its fact-finding methods. The type of drug tests employed in this case is more advanced tests than urinalysis. This may include a hair follicle test. The results will help ascertain if the driver is guilty or not and the extent of liability.

There are cases where UPS employees demand compensation as a result of getting injured on the job. The company reserves the right to conduct a drug test to confirm if the injury was not a result of repercussions of drug use. If the test results justify the employees, they get their compensation bonuses as specified by the employment terms. In this case, the employee who fails a drug test may not be entitled to receive any compensation bonus for such an injury.

Questions and Answers about the UPS Drug Test

Why does UPS require a urine test for employment?

Urine tests at UPS are recommended to ascertain employees’ health status. The urine tests give insights into whether an employee has diabetes or has certain proteins indicating some forms of health challenges. The drug-related urine test confirms that their employees are sober enough to carry out their duties.

How long does UPS take to hire after an interview?

It depends on how urgently the company needs people to fill available positions. Some people get hired immediately after the interview, while some take days before securing the job. Your situation and background could also be a major deciding factor. If you follow the instructions for the hiring process judiciously, you can get employed faster.

How often can I expect to be tested for drugs as a permanent driver?

You will take your first drug test before getting the full-time employment letter. If you are not involved in accidents or inappropriate behavior, you could work for up to 3 years before another drug test may be required. However, the company can decide at any instant that all employees in a particular department go for drug tests.

Will I lose my job if I fail the UPS THC tests?

This depends on the reason for taking the test. If taking the test was needed to prove your behavior at the workplace, failing the test may cause you problems on the job. Employees at UPS are free to join the labor union. The company does not lay off workers for the slightest drug offense. However, they put appropriate deterrence and remedial solutions for employees who fail the drug test. Some employees shared their work experience and that the company recommended they go on drug rehabilitation while staying on their jobs.

How can I pass the UPS drug test as a smoker?

If you seek employment in any UPS outlets, you can prepare yourself earlier for the drug test by quitting smoking. Use effective detox solutions to remove THC that has accumulated in the body. Some people try to use UPS drug test kits and fake urine to pass the drug test. You should know that using fake urine may cause problems for you if you are caught in the process.

What benefits do I get for passing the UPS drug test?

Passing the UPS drug test increases your chances of getting employed and staying in the job. UPS is popular for its great employee remuneration package and career advancement opportunities. Having a good drug test history boosts your candidate profile which can also help you qualify for a compensation bonus if you get injured on the job. Of course, you also get the confidence to do your job without worrying about suspicions of drug abuse from your superiors.


United Parcel Service is a big logistics company that has built its reputation over the years with clients and employees. They have a specific drug policy that new employees can learn about during their first few weeks of training in the company. However, the UPS drug test policy for 2023 is very flexible. Many staff members have confirmed that they are rarely bothered with recurrent drug tests. Prepare yourself for the pre-employment drug test, and you may never take another drug test on the job for as long as ten years.