Stimulant tablets seized in Mongshu

Stimulant tablets
seized in Mongshu

Mike Eik Swan (a) Eik Yi, Yan Kyaung Whan
Ko Lont with seized stimulant tablets in Mongshu.

20 Feb – A combined team comprising members of local intelligence unit, acting
on information, while waiting on the uproad of No 4 region Kone Myint Tha Ward
Mongshu mine, Mongshu, Shan State (South), on 4 February, searched Yan Kyaung
Whan, son of U Yan Sike Taw, Shinsi village, Hopone cluster, Kyut Khaing
Township, Mike Eik Swan (a) Eik Yi, son of U Saing Hwun, Mine Sat village, Nant
Kham Township and Ko Lont, son of U Wai Pa, Thant Seik village, Paletwa Township
and seized 2550 tablets bearing WY in 13 packets together with them.

Action is being taken against them under the
Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Law.