5.3 stimulatn tablets seized in Mongphyat

5.3 stimulatn
tablets seized in Mongphyat

5,360,000 stimulant tablets seized from Sai Tun Aung (a) Tun Aung
and Aik Kyaing in Mongphyat on 23 December.

4 Jan – Over 5.3 million stimulant tablets were seized at a check point in Mongphyat, Shan State (East), on 23 December from a Nissan truck.

A combined team of members of Defence Services Intelligence regional unit and Myanmar Police Force searched the car, with plate No Ka/4876, and found the drugs.

Action has been taken against Sai Aung (a) Tun Aung, 52, son of U Doe Bya, of 43, Sunmon Ward, Kengtung Township, who was the driver, and Aik Kyaing, 27, son of U Aik Kyaing, of Nounghon village, Mongyan Township, who was the passenger on the car.

Investigation os under way to expose culprits related with the case.