Drugs seized in Kutkai

Drugs seized in Kutkai


16 Dec – A combined team comprising members of local intelligence unit and

Myanmar Police Force, acting on a tip-off, searched the houses of Yan Sauk Myint,

son of U Yan Shi Khaik of Ward 5, Hemoelon village-track, Kutkai Township in

Shan State (North) and Yan Yong Jauk, son of U Yan Hsi Hwayh of Khonsu village,

Hemoelon village-track. The authority concerned arrested Yan Sauk Myint together

with 0.0013 kilo of heroin, 248 stimulant tablets and one litre of black opium

liquid and Yan Yong Jauk and Hukyaungku, son of U Siyin of Twamkyakyaing

village, Kutkai together with 11 containers of sulphuric acid 44 gallons and 92

kilos of amphetamine powder. Action is being taken against them under Narcotic

Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Law by the police station concerned.