Opium refinery raided in Kutkai Township


Opium refinery raided in Kutkai Township


8 Nov – A combined team comprising members of local intelligence unit and

Tatmadaw unit, receiving information that there was an opium refinery near

Manyonmaw Village in Kutkai Township, Shan State (North), stormed and combed the

areas on 20 October and seized 17 huts (small/big), 1354 gallons of precursor

chemicals, two Honda generators (big), one Honda generator (small), one air

compressor, two opium extrusion machines, one ceramic steamer, 19 ceramic

basins, 17 ceramic funnels, 12 ename earthen pots, 13 large bell-mouthed pans,

four steel trays for drying opium, two electric rice cookers (big), one electric

rice cooker (small), 3 rice bowls, four scales, four car jacks,21 five-gallon

capacity containers, 150 empty drums each with capacity of 50 gallons, two

plastic containers, ten bags of bone charcoal, 6 glass steamers, 20 dome-shaped

casings, six small enamel pots, 125 wooden trays, 20 plastic containers, 180

empty plastic containers each with capacity of five gallons, 200 empty plastic

containers each with capacity of six gallons, 15 plastic buckets, 100 small

containers containing white powder and 27 kerosene stoves. Action is being taken

in connection with the seizure of the precursor chemicals and equipment under

Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Law.