Opium refinery raided in Kutkai townshipYangon

Opium refinery raided in Kutkai townshipYangon,

Yangon 11 June , A combined team comprising members of local intelligence unit, Muse Special Anti-Drug squad and local Regiment, acting on information, on 25 May morning, stormed and combed an opium refinery at estimate map reference (O-904403) and (O-889442) in Kutkai township and seized 249 kilos of raw opium, 105 kilos of morphine, 3,185 litres of spirit, 2557.1 litres of ether, 18.2 litres of acetic anhydride, 227.5 litres of chloroform, 546 litres of kerosene, one M 20 Pistol, two M 21s, two M 22s, one M 23 machine-gun, one carbine, three China made grenades and 18 paraphernalia.
After an exchange of fire, three people were captured dead and two escaped. Action is being taken by the police station concerned in connection with the