Opium refinery raided in Kutkai Township

Opium refinery raided

in Kutkai Township

Yangon, 4 Feb – A combined team comprising members of local

Tatmadawmen, local intelligence unit and Myanmar Police Force, receiving

information that there was an opium refinery near Chain Sin Kyaing, Kutkai

Township in Shan State (North), stormed and combed the areas on 28 and 29

January. The authorities seized 148.5 litres of chloroform, 468 litres of acid,

108 litres of ether, 162 litres of spirit, 72 litres of acetic anhydride, 72

litres of sulphuric acid, 31.5 litres of loizol, 36 litres of loizol-ether

mixture, 25.5 litres of hydrochloric acid, 250 kilos of potassium, 13 beakers,

four iron beakers, two Honda generators, two scales and 30 kinds of chemical

precursors used in making drugs. Action is being taken in connection with the

seizure of the precursor chemicals and equipment under Narcotic Drugs and

Psychotropic Substances Law.