Drugs Seizures

Over 130 kilos of Ephedrine powder seized in Kalay

Ma Won Shamar, daughter of U
Pyong Zakam, nabbed with
134.504 kilos of Ephedrine powder in Kalay on 29

27 Dec – A combined team comprising members of local intelligence unit and
Myanmar Police Force, acting on information, searched the house of Kam Ciin Lyan
in Ward 15, Tahan region of Kalay Township, on 29 November.

The authorities arrested Ma Won Shamar, 32, daughter of U Pyong Zakam and wife
of Kam Ciin Lyan who managed to get away.

According to the confession of Ma Won Shamar, the combined team searched another
house in the same ward and seized 134.504 kilos of Ephedrine powder in four
polyethylene bags kept upstairs of the house.

Action is taken against her under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances