Drugs Seizures

79 kilos of emphedrine seized in Mandalay

Daw Kyin Lan Wun, Gin Ko Tun (a) Tun Pu, Hsan Htaung Hnin and
Kyin Za Wung seized with 79 kilos of ephedrine powder on 14 December.

30 Dec – A combined team comprising members of regional intelligence unit and Myanmar Police Force seized three bags of emphedrine weighing 79 kilos, which are used in making stimulant tablets, at the backyard of the house, No 22, Yadanabon Street, Ward-1, Chanmyathazi Township, Mandalay, on 14 December.

Further investigation was followed by the arrest of Kyin Za Wung, aged 26, son of U Tut Kam Paung, and Hsan Htaung Hnin,
aged 33, son of U Hlaw Ne Hsun, of 22, Yadanabon Street, Ward-1, Chanmyathazi, Gin Ko Tun (a) Tun Pu, aged 65, son of U In Gin, Sa-2/108, Ward-2, Chanmyathazi Township,and Daw Kyin Lan Wun, aged 34, daughter of U Hsan Khan Htan, of 28th Street between 75th and 76th Streets, Seiktaramahi Ward, Chanayethazan Township.

Action is being taken against these four persons according to Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Law.