Narcotic drugs, paraphernalia seized in Muse Township

Narcotic drugs, paraphernalia seized in Muse Township


Yangon, 5 Feb – Members of a military column of local battalion, acting on information, on 21 January combed an area in Muse Township at map reference P-313683, Shan State (North) and found an opium refinery.


Members of the column seized 3.56 kilos of heroin, 25.6 kilos of raw opium, 40 gallons of acetic anhydride, 27 gallons of chloroform, 63 gallons of spirit, 45 gallons of lysol, six litres of hydrochloric acid, two litres of liquid heroin, 20 gallons of liquid opium and paraphernalia used for refining heroin including two huts. The two huts were set on fire.


Action is being taken in connection with the seizure of drugs and paraphernalia according to Law. – MNA


Narcotic durgs and paraphernalia seized from opium refinery

in remote valley in Muse Township. MNA


Two huts of the heroin refinery seized by Tatmadaw column on 21-1-99

in Muse Township being torched. MNA


Narcotic drugs and paraphernalia seized from a heroin refinery found by Tatmadaw

column in the remote area of Muse Township on 21 January..MNA