Tatmadaw, people destroy 6,181

Tatmadaw, people destroy 6,181.66 acres of illicit poppy plantations

Nov 98 to 31 Jan 99


YANGON, 9 Feb The government is resolved to eradicate narcotic drugs as national duty, and the combined teams comprising members of Tatmadaw columns, local intelligence units, Myanmar Police Force and local people with the leadership of the respective military commands have been incessantly destroying the poppy plantations illegally grown in the remote areas of Shan State.


Poppy plantation being destroyed in Pinlaung Township (MNA)


    In January t999, a total of 2,559.05 acres of poppy plantations- 131 acres in Hsenwi Township in Shan State (North), 896.40 acres in Tangyang Township, 98 acres in Kunlong Township, 149.50 acres in Muse Township, 48 acres in Hopang Township, 55.50 acres in Namkham Township, 390.75 acres in Monekoe region, 749.90 acres in Laukkai Township, 80 acres in Talay township in Shan State (East)- were destroyed.


Poppy plantation being destroyed in remote areas in Tangyang Township (MNA)


    Acreage of illicit poppy plantations destroyed from November 1998 to 31 January

    1999 are as follows:

(a) Monekoe region

959.00 acres

  (b) Muse Township

647.25 acres

  (c) Namkham Township

109.00 acres

  (d) Kutkai Township

72.00 acres

  (e) Hsenwi Township

398.00 acres

  (f) Kunlong Township

230.75 acres

  (g) Tanyang Township

1,197.70 acres

  (h) Laukkai Township

749.90 acres

  (i) Hsipaw Township

13.00 acres

  (j) Hopang Township

48.00 acres

  (k) Pinlaung Township

182.95 acres

  (I) Phekhon Township


  (m) Talay Township

80.00 acres

  (n) Kengtung Township

11.00 acres

  (o) Waingmaw Township

55.00 acres

  (p) Moebye Township

160.80 acres



A total of 6,181.66 acres of poppy plantations illegally grown in Shan State (North), Shan State (South), Shan State (East), Kayah and Kachin Stales have been destroyed, and efforts are continuing to search and destroy the illegal poppy plantations.