398,000 stimulant tablets seized in Tachilek

398,000 stimulant tablets seized in Tachilek


Yangon, 12 Jan – A total of 398,000 stimulant tablets were seized from a Toyota Hilux in the garage of a house at 85/94, 3rd Street, Lower Hsansai Ward, Tachilek, Shan State (East), by a team comprising members of the regional Defence Services Intelligence unit and the police force and officials of departments concerned on 3 January.



After drag-netting the house and its premises, the authorities uncovered machinery and utensils and chemicals used in making stimulant drugs and also confiscated a white Toyota Hilux without license plate, a green Misubishi, a Toyota Hilux with Thai number plate, a Pontiac saloon with number plate of 1 kagyi/2678 and 10,000 Thai baht.



When they raided the house, O Ram, the owner of the house, and his wife Daw Kyu Li Kyu were not there.



On further information from M Than Nu who was seen at the house at that time, Daw Kyu Li Kyu, the owner of the machine and chemicals, was arrested by authorities when she was at the a green Toyota Hilux with Thai number plate travelling on Bogyoke Road in Tachilek 4 January morning.



Action is being taken against them under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Law. – MNA.