Narcotic drugs seized in Shan State (North)

Narcotic drugs seized in Shan State (North)


ANGON, 1 May-A combined team comprising members of local
intelligence unit and Anti-drug Squad led by Officiating Commanding Officer Major Yu Lwin of
local battalion, acting on information, found a heroin refinery in the ravine of Panglon
mountain range near Monsi Village in Kutkai Township, Shan State (North) on 26 April.
      On arrival at map reference P-101494, the combined troops exchanged fire with sentries of the refinery for five minutes and captured two enemies with one,M-22. They then combed the surrounding area and seized 15.5 kilos of heroin, 30.20 kilos of opium, 26.95 kilos of brown opium powder, two kilos of ephedrine powder, 225 litres of ether, 450 litres of acid which is being examined, two grenades, one mine, 18 bars of TNT, 107 rounds of M-16 ammunition, 30 rounds of M22 ammunition and chemicals and a lot of paraphernalia from six plastic tents.

      Similarly, a Tatmadaw column led by Tactical Operations Commander Col Tin Tun discharged duty at map reference P-280998 in Kyukok-Pangsai Township, Shan State (North), on 22 April.

      They seized about eight kilos of brown opium powder, 675 litres of ether, one litre of hydrochloric acid, 10 bags of lime, chemical and paraphernalia from a building.

      The Tatmadaw is resolved to eradicate narcotic drugs as national duty. It destroyed 10 secret narcotic drug refineries in remote area of Shan State from 1 January 1999 till today.