Protection of Forests against Fire

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Protection of

Forests against Fire,  Insects and Diseases

Forest Law, 1992 has provisions for fire protection, prevention and suppression measures in natural forests. 

Departmental instructions relating to  protection of plantations against fires have 

been issued and implemented. External and  internal fire lines, fire watchers, early 

burning practices and awareness raising of  local communities are the major measures to protect

plantations against fire up to  the age of five years. 

While incidence and effects of forest fire on the vegetation vary with forest 

types and climatic conditions, it is widely  held that surface fire of moderate intensity 

does not kill teak seedlings at their  development stage, and also that annual 

occurrence of surface fires acts as control burning, preventing the accumulation of surface litter, reducing the likely outbreak of 

intense fires. But dry forests need  effective fire protection. 

With regard to the outbreak of insect attacks and diseases, Myanmar has never 

experienced serious damages. Although  teak has occasionally suffered some attacks 

by bee-hole borers and leaf defoliators,  they are usually localized in nature.