Visitors’ Guide to Myanmar (Other Tourist Destinations )

Visitors’ Guide to Myanmar
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Yangon Division is situated on the east of the Ayeyawady Delta ,

facing the Gulf of Mottama and Andaman Sea in the south. It is the busiest and most

important division of the Union of Myanmar.Yangon City is the capital of division and the

nation as well. It is the chief seaport and the gateway to the nation. All government

offices and embassies are situated in the capital . Universities and major institution of

higher learning are in Yangon. Numerous market with a wide range of products are also here

in the capital .

The massive and magnificent Shwedagon Pagoda ,large lakes and vast

parks for recreation are tourist attractions. Steamers go out to the coastal areas in

Rakhine and Mon States and Taninthayi Division . The riverine steamers also sail up and

down the Ayeyawady river to get to upper Myanmar and to the delta area . Railway and coach

services are available to reach areas inland.





Bago Division lies in the north of Yangon Division sharing common

borders. Bago is the capital of the division famous for the historic Shwemawdaw Pagoda and

other pagodas. It was the capital and seaport of ancient Mon kings. Pyay is the hub of

business activity where products of upper and lower Myanmar are traded. There is an

archaeological site known as Thayekhittaya where most ancient pagodas are found. Bago and

Pyay are easily accessible by rail or by car from Yangon. From Pyay, travellers can go on

by car to Thandwe where famous Ngapali Beach is located.

Pyay (Prome)

Located 285 km north-west of Yangon, Pyay is easily accessible by

road or rail and a gateway city to the Rakhine State, across the Ayeyawaddy River. The

Shwesandaw Pagoda, and the gigantic Buddha image of Hse-htatgyi Pagoda, are major


Thayekhittaya (Sriksetra)

Ancient capital of a Pyu kingdom, which hourished between the 5th

and 9th century, Thayekhittaya is located 8km south-east of Pyay (Prome). The old palace

site, Lemyethna Temple, Bawbawgyi Pagoda, Payagyi and Payama Stupa and the Archaeological

Museum are worth visiting.




This division covers the delta area. It has over four million

acres of cultivated fields. The chief crops are paddy and jute. Pathein is the capital

which is the fifth largest city and the seaport on Ngawun River. Chaungtha Beach Resort

faces the Bay of Bengal. There is direct and regular air service between Yangon and

Pathein. The Yangon-Pathein Railway has a branch at Telpadan, going across the river to

Hinthada. The railroad goes down to Pathein. The motor road from Yangon passes through

Nyaungdon, Pantannaw and Kyaunggon before reaching Pathein. There also is a steamer

service between Yangon and almost all delta towns.

Pathein (Bassein)

Situated in the Ayeyawaddy Delta about 190 km west of Yangon; the

port of Pathein is noted for its colourful parasols and pottery. Chaungtha Beach is only

40 km west of Pathein.


Mandalay Division

The division is situated on the east bank of the Ayeyawady River.

Most of the division is covered by plains with hills along its border with Shan State.

Mandalay is the capital and the second largest city in the country. It is also known as a

cultural capital where visitors can study its traditional arts and crafts. Amarapura, Inwa

and Mingun lie close to the capital. Amarapura is known as a weaving city where silk

dresses are woven. Mingun can be reached by boat while other towns are accessible by car

or by train. Pyin-Oo-Lwin, a hill station, is also accessible by train. It is

two-and-a-half-hour, drive from Mandalay . For the first half hour ,travellers will pass

through paddy fields heading towards the blue Shan hills. Then the climb starts. The

landscape becomes wild. Huge Mangos and acid plum trees are interspersed with towering

bamboo fiends. With toddy palms Pyin-Oo-Lwin is a hill resort also known as the city of

howers. Mogok is a well-known Ruby Land for its rich gem mines and gem markets. It is

situated 115 kilometres northeast of Mandalay. Travellers can get there by car, or by

hi-ski organized by the Myanmar Economic Holdings Ltd. Tagaung, 204 kilometres up river,

the first capital of Myanmar about 3,000 years ago as recorded in the history, Padalin

caves, and the Kinda Multi-purpose Dam are in Mandalay Division situated near the border

with Shan State. Bagan and Nyaung-U are archaeological sites in this division. The pagodas

rehect Bagan’s greatness and glory in the past. Mount Popa lies 50 kilometres southeast of

Bagan. It is an extinct volcano which is a scenic spot and a resort with Kyetmauktaung Dam

near by. An international airport is under construction near Mandalay which is accessible

by land from all directions.


Magway Division

Magway Division is situated in central Myanmar. The western edge

of the division is long, hilly and thinly covered with forests. Magway is the capital of

the division and famous for the Myathalun Pagoda festival. Minbu is also well-known for

the Shwesettaw Pagoda festival. From the division, a motor road leads to Ann through

Rakhine Yoma mountain pass. Pakokku is famous for monasteries and tobacco industry. Yaw,

Saw and Gangaw have lately become popular for the archaeological discoveries of

pre-historic men. There are airports in Magway, Gangaw and Pakokku. The cross-country

Monywa-Pathein Highway runs through this west bank area of the River Ayeyawady. Railway

branch passes through Taungdwingyi and Natmauk. There is proper road network linking the

tows in the division.




Sagaing Division is in the northwest of Mandalay between Kachin

and Chin States. In the west, it has common border with India. Sagaing on the west bank of

the Ayeyawady with Mandalay on the opposite bank is the capital of the division.

Neighbouring towns are Shwebo, the first capital of the Konbaung Dynasty; and Monywa, the

chief commercial city on the Chindwin River. Kawlin and Wuntho are famous for the gold

mines. Uru Chaung and Khamti are no less famous towns for their jade and gold mines. Indaw

and Pantha have natural gas-fields and Kalaywa has coal mines. Tamu is a border town

serving as a gateway to the country for travellers from India. The snow-capped Mt Sarameti

on Naga Hills is 3,828 metres high. Unfrequented by man, the area invites adventurers.

With airports Kalaymyo and Khamti serve as base camps for tours. The railway line heading

Myitkyina in Kachin State passes through Sagaing Division. There also is a railway line

linking Sagaing, Monywa and Budalin. The towns in the division are easily accessible by



Chin State

Chin State is a mountainous State in the west of Mandalay. It

shares its western border with India and Bangladesh. The whole region is made up of high

hills. Largely dissected by deep valleys. There is hardly any plain or plateau. The

heights of the hills ranges from 1,000 to 3,000 metres. Haka is the state capital and

Falam and Tiddim are cities one mountain terraces, with pine forests, apple and orange

orchards, Taungzalut howers. Mount Kennedy of 2,704 metres and an old Brit/sh Fort namely

Fort White are near Tiddim. Mount Victoria of 3,109 metres is near KanpetTel. Adventure

tours can be developed up the Kaladan River from Sittway to PaTelwa, the land of western


Air service is available to Kalay, Gangaw, Kyaukhtu or Sittway and

then by car or steamer. Travellers can then proceed to the respective destinations.




Taninthayi Division is situated at the southernmost tip of

Myanmar, facing the Andaman Sea. More than 800 islands called Myeik Archipelago are in the

division. The whole of its long eastern border is shared by Thailand . Forests of rubber

and evergreen trees lie as far as the eye can see. Dawei is the capital of Taninthayi

Division. Vistitors can go on a tour of islands with scuba diving in Myeik Archipelago.

Pearl Island is the source of quality pearls and fishing is a major business along the

coast and on islands. Myeik is a city of romance with scenic seascapes. Kawthoung and

Bayintnaung Cape are at the farthest tip in Myanmar’s southern border. Island tours around

Thataykyun are also available. Regular air services are provided between Yangon and Dewei,

and Myeik and Kawthoung. To get to Myeik by land, travellers have to go to Mawlamyine by

train or by car. Myeik can be reached by car from Mawlamyine after passing through Dawie.

The Myanma Five Star Line provides coastal steamer service.


Mon State


Pagoda, the highlight of Mon State

Mon State stands along the upper part of the Taninthayi coastal

strip. There are islands, hillls, equatorial forests, crop land and plantations.

Mawlamyine, the third largest city in Myanmar, is the capital of Mon State. The famous

Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda is located north of Kyaikhto. Thaton is the capital of ancient Mon

Kingdom, much earlier than Bagan. There are many beautiful sea resorts such as Kyaikkami

and Setse. There is a War Memorial in Thanbyuzayat, connected with the Bridge on the River

Kwai. Mawlamyine is accessible by air, train or car from Yangon. As regards road and

railways, the railroad starts from Yangon. It goes on from Mawlamyine to Yay while the

motor road goes on beyond the boundary of Mon State right down to Myeik. Heading towards

the eastern border with Thailand, there are two routes. The first is the

Mawlamyine-Kawkareik-Myawady-Maesot route and the second the Three Pagodas route starting

from Thanbyezayat. There are proper roads linking all the towns in Mon State.

  1. Kyaikhtiyo (Kyaikhto)
  2. Mawlamyaing
  3. Setse Beach
  4. Thanbyuzayat


Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda

  Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda, the highlight of

Mon State

Popularly known as the Golden Rock Pagoda and a very popular pilgrimage destination;

Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda stands on a boulder precariously perched on the ede of a hill over 1,100

km above sea level. The Base Camp at Kyaikhto is located 160 km by road from Yangon. From

the Base Camp pilgrims trek 11 km up hill to the Pagoda platform. A narrow motor road also

winds up to a point about 1.6 km from the Pagoda. Kyaikhto Hotel, built on the hill side,

gives a magnificent view of the Pagoda and the surrounding places.


Mawlamyine (Moulmein)

Mawlamyine, the capital of Mon State, is an attractive port with a

ridge of hills on one side and the sea on the other. About 300 km away from Yangon; it can

be reached by road and rail and by a 40-minuite hight from Yangon. About 34 km from

Mawla-myine, Thanbyuzayat has an Allied War Memoral Cemetery for prisoners of war who died

in the building of the “Death Railway” during World War II.


Kayin State

Kayin State occupies the eastern part of Taninthayi ranges, which

are the continuation of the Shan highlands. It can be reached in an hour’s hight from

Yangon. Hpa-an is the state capital, with monumental hills, wonderful caves and lakes. The

travellers can go on hiking among the Great Dawna Range. Riverine trips can be arranged

along the streams such as Yunsalin, Bilin, Donthami, Hlaingbwe etc. The leading towns of

Kayin State are Hpa-an, Hlaingbwe, Shwegun, Thandaung, Kawkareik:, Kya-inn-seikkyi and

Myawady. Hpa-an, the capital, is centrally placed at the foot of the Zwekabin Hill. The

Zwekabin Hill has a very unusual shape, which; once seen, is not easily forgotten. The

leading town in the northern section is Thandaung. It is a very beautiful hill station and

an important tea, coffee and fruit producing region. There is air service to Hpa-an and

Papun. Kayin State still has no rail service but it is well-provided with natural

waterways. In the north a road leads to Thandaung from Toungoo in Bago Division.

Toungoo-Mawchi Road passes through the Kayin State. In the south, the Yangon-Mottama Road

branches out to Hpa-an via Thaton and Myainggalay. There is another road from Mawlamyine

to Hpa-an.


Than-daung, a hill station in colonial times, is located in Kayin

State; 43 km from Toungoo. Nestled in the cool mountains some 1,200 metres above

sea-level; with an extensive view of lush green hills; it is an ideal destination for



Shan State

Shan State is located in the northeast of Yangon and east of

Mandalay. It comprises the great Shan Plateau in the eastern part of Myanmar . Taunggyi is

the capital and a mountain resort. Some of the other interesting town in the Shan state

are Nyaungshwe, Kalaw, Kyaing tong,Tachileik and Muse . Nyaungshwe is situated on the bank

of the famous Inlay Lake in the Nyaungshwe plain. Kalaw is a well-known hill station. It

is a pleasant and quiet town. It lies on the Thazi-Shwenyaung Railroad.Kyaing Tong lies on

low undulating ground, not far from the Thai border. It was strongly fortified and the

remnants of a wall still remain. Today it is an important business centre and frontier

town. Muse is at the border with the People’s Republic of China. It serves as a border

point where people and goods cross. Regular air services are available to

Heho,Namhsan,KyaingTong ,Monghsat,Tachileik, Lashio and Momeik from Yangon. Tachileik is

also a border crossing point through which visitors from Thailand come to Myanmar. There

are two railroads linking Shan state with central Myanmar. The railroad from Mandalay

leads to Lashio and that from Thazi goes to Shwenyaung. Motor road from Mandalay passes

through Lashio to reach Muse and Namhkam, the border towns. From Namhkam, the road extends

to Bamaw in Kachin State.In the south, the motor road from Thazi leads to Taungnyi and

then to Hopong. At Hopong , the road turns southwards to Mawchi,.From Taunggyi one branch

of the road turns eastwards to reach Kyaing Tong. From there it goes on to the border

town, Tachileik.


Kayah State

Kayah State is just an hour’s hight in the northeast of Yangon,

the national capital. It is bordered by Thailand on the east , Kayin State on the south

and west and Shan State on the north and northwest. It is the smallest among the seven

states of Myanmar. This State is endowed with teak and other harddwoods such as Pyinkado,

Padauk and Ingyin . Myanmar’s largest and most important hydro-electric power plant has

been constructed at Baluchaung Waterfalls at Lawpita some 12 miles south of Loikaw,

capital of Kayah state.Loikaw is pleasant with traditional pagodas and monument. It is

also famous for Padaung women, who wear traditional brass rings on their necks. Transport

and communications services are yet to be improved and developed in this state .It still

has no railway . There are air services from Yangon and from Heho in Shan State to Loikaw.


Rakhine State

Rakhine State is a long narrow coastal region cut off from the

rest of Myanmar by the Rakhine Yoma. This long and narrow state with many islands and

unspoilt beaches faces the Bay of Bengal. Points of interests are Sittway, Mrauk-Qo,

Kyaukphyu, Gwa, Taungup and Thandwe. Sittway is the capital of the state and a seaport

with a rich hinterland producing crops, fish and Rakhine longyis. Mrauk-Oo, Wethali and

Danyawady are capitals of ancient Rakhine kingdoms. Many pagodas of that period are still

in existence. Kyaukphyu, situated on Rambye Island is a sea port and a sea resort. Thandwe

is famous for its Ngapali Beach which is known as the “Naples of the East”. Gwa

has also a beach resort namely Kanthaya. There are motor roads built across the great

Raichine Yoma – from Pyay in Bago Division to Taungup, from Minbu in Magway Division to

An, from Ngathainggyaung in Ayeyawady Division to Gwa. Rakhine State has no railroads and

it has few motor roads. Air services are available from Yangon to Sittway, Kyaukphyu,

Man-aung and Thandwe.

Mrauk-Oo (Mro-haung)

Capital of the Rakhine Kingdom, which hourished from the 1 5th to

1 8th century; Mrauk-Qo is reached by a 5-hour boat trip along the Kaladan River from

Sittwe (Akyab), which is 90 minutes by air from Yangon. Mrauk-Oo is noted for its

fort-like temples and pagodas of stone and brick and for its statuary and relief, which

are distinctive. About 8 km north of Mrauk-Qo is the archaeological site of Wethali;

another ancient capital dating back to the 4th century. There is a newly built Mrauk-Qo

Hotel with 48 rooms.


Kachin State

Kachin State lies in the northernmost tip of Myanmar with

snow-capped mountain ranges and temperate forests. Places of interest in this State

consist of Myitkyina, Myiston (confluence),Mogaung , Indawgyi Lake, Bamaw and Putao. There

are airline services from Yangon and Mandalay to Myitkyina, Bamaw and Putao. Road and

railway links are modes of transport in Kachin State. The only railway line between

Mandalay and Myitkyina stretches 372 kilometers. Some 100 kilometers north of Mandalay,

the train passes through Shwebo. The travellers will then pass the dense teak forests

along the railroad. Then come Kawlin, Naba Village, Hopin, Sarmaw and Mogaung finally

reaching Myitkyina. From Myitkyina, excursion to Indawgyi Lake can be arranged. It is

located 178 kilometers southwest of Myitkyina. The lake is near Nanmoren Village in the

area of Hopin. Sarmaw is also famous for the battle fought between the Allied and Japanese

forces during the Second World War. The famous Ledo Road of World War ll is situated in

the area. From Myitkyina visitors can tour Myitsone, the source of the Ayeyawady river. In

this state, Putao, Machanbaw and Sumprabum are beautiful mountain resorts. Gold mines can

be seen at Nanma and near Bamaw. Apart from air service, there are roads leading to

various parts of the state from Myitkyina. The Myitkyina-Putao Road leads southward to

Bhamo. From Bhamo the road goes on to the border with the People’s Republic of China.

To Myitkyina by train

Most of Kachin State is characterised by diffilcult terrain and

visitors have to rely much on air service to Myitkyina, its capital. Although rail and

road links are insufficient, travellers can go to Myitkyina by road and by a long railway

line 372 kilometers long linking Mandalay and Myitkyina.

On the way to Myitkyina by train, travellers will pass though Ywa

Htaung, a noted place for silverware. Three hourse later or some 117 kilometers away from

Mandalay, there lies Shwebo. They will see vast fields of groumdnut, sesamum and red

pepper. As the train moves on, very dense teak forest and bamboo groves come into view.

Then emerges Kawlin which is half way between Mandalay to Myitkyina. The train passes

through paddy fields and and passengers get lots of freshy air.

From Kawlin, the railroad starts climbing the hills. The next

station is Naba, a railroad junction. From Naba, the railroad branches out to Katha.

Mamboo groves, water melon farms and teak forests lie on both sides of the railroad.

The travellers then arrive at Nansiaung, which is on the border

between Sagaing Division and Kachin State. After passing a small waterchannel, the train

enters Kachin State.Then comes Mawhan which was the battle field of Japanese and Wingate’s

Chindits during the Second World War. The Japanese War Memorial Pagoda is on top of the

hill. Panoramic view of green and dense teak forests can be seen in this area. The train

moves very slowly from this area to Mohnyin, the next station. What are common in the area

are green paddy fields, plantations of lychees, oranges, grape fruits, chestnuts and

pears. After passing hopin, Sarmaw and Mogaung, thedelightful journey by train ends at

Myitkyina, which is the gateway to the Jade Land.


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