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The Map of


(Complimentary Copy)


THE MAP OF MANDALAY is a pocket size map, which should be kept

handy for tourists, foreign businessmen and also Myanmar Nationals.

THE MAP OF MANDALAY is an official map published and distributed by

D.P.S under the guidance of Ministry of Information.

THE MAP OF MANDALAY is only a concise one-sheet map but complete

with necessary information presented clearly. All the important phone numbers, travelling

timetables, Do’s and Don’ts and the most interesting sight-seeing spots will be included.

THE MAP OF MANDALAY will be a guide for tourists who want to make

most of their stay in Mandalay: it will save your precious time.


Contact D.P.S to advertise your company and services.

D.P.S will prepare design at your satisfaction.

Attach with this letter are the significant features of

THE MAP OF MANDALAY and the price for advertisement.


We will make sure that

Those who visit Myanmar will get a copy of THE MAP OF MANDALAY and they

will take it back home.

So please work with DPS / THE MAP OF MANDALAY.

We can guarantee to make you well-known over the world.



Significant features of The Map of Mandalay


Frequency = Every 4 months.


Circulation = 30,000

* Distribution

• Ministries and Goverment Offices, Foreign Missions

and International Organisations in Yangon, Myanmar Embassies overseas

• Airlines, Hotels, Travel Agencies, Restaurants

• International Trade Centres

• Airport Souvenir Shop, Arrival Lounge, Tourist Information

Centres (In Mandalay & Yangon)

• Famous Bookshops (In Mandalay & Yangon)

* Important Dates

• Closing date for

advertisement and designs : Please call us for updated information.

• Distribution date : Please call us for updated


• Necessities for adverts : slide film, art work, positive

colour separation film.

• Bleed … : Allow 2mm on all sides

• Medium of language : English

• Size : ….. : 20″x30″ Single Sheet

• Paper Quality : 130 gsm Art Paper


* Clients

• Work location (e.g., Hotels, Restaurants, Inns,

Travels & Tours, Super Markets,Souvenir Shop) including business title/name will be


• Design will be prepared for you free of charge. 1

photo/slide will be included free too. Only an extra scan will be charged. All the bills

can be settled in Myanmar Kyats.

• Depending on the size of advert, 50 or more complimentary

copies will be received.

• If the advert is also placed for the following issues, there

will be a special discount.

• A chance for Businessmen in Mandalay to advertise privately

• Limited space of advert.


Remember The Map of Mandalay will make you famous.

Be on the map. Be a Landmark.

If you want more information, Please call 700541, 09-99 25558 (or)

Email Us and we will come over to

discuss the details.

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