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A 160-kilometre drive from Yangon, and an

invigorating 12-kilometre trek uphill along a meandering trail from the base camp at

Kin-pun … an overwhelming sight will meet your eye – a golden boulder, shaped like a

hermit’s head and capped with a 6-metre high gilded pagoda perched precariously on

the edge of a precipice, 1121 metres above sea level – the holy rock of Kyaiktiyo,

Myanmar’s most popular pilgrimage centre. Legend has it that the Buddha’s sacred

hair is enshrined in this rock.

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Kyaiktiyo Pagoda


Soft silver sands washed by the white, white waves of the

Bay of Bengal amid the swaying of palms and fragrant flora all come together in the

uniquely unspoilt beach “Ngapali”. This vacation within a vacation is only 40

minutes by plane from Yangon. The beach is a treasure house of beautiful corals and


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Glp22-4.gif (4492 bytes)      A treasure

home of beautiful corals…..

Ngapali Beach

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Unspoilt Myanmar beaches – a vacation within

a vacation