GOLDEN LAND – Bagan (Pagan)


BAGAN (Pagan)

Founded in 849 AD

it became the capital of the first unified Kingdom and the first multinational Union of

Myanmar in 1044 AD. 42 square kilometres of open land, sited on the east bank of the famed

Ayeyarwady River, covered by 5,000 mysterious and magnificent stupas and hollow pagodas of

a bygone era, make Pagan one of the wonders of the world. Here lies a great monument to

one of Myanmar’s brilliant eras. Today it is a rich and premier archaeological site

that ofters a rich heritage from a twelfth century empire. A panoramic view of this land

at sunset will leave you with a lingering sense of awe and wonder.

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Buddhist monuments in Myanmar fall into 2 basic

styles – solid pagodas and hollow pagodas. Solid pagodas are solid conical structures with

a central treasure vault below. Hollow pagodas are build with a hollow chamber in the

centre where pilgrims can enter to worship or meditate



Shwezigon Pagoda

This golden stupa, the most important pagoda in

Pagan, was built in 1057 AD as a centre of prayer and reflection by King Anawrahta, the

founder of the first Pagan dynasty. The Shwezigon is the prototype for all later Nyanmar


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Shwezigon Pagoda


Ananda Temple

Mon in its architecture, this jewel of a hollow pagoda is

not only Pagan’s most famous but also one of the few active hollow pagodas. Built in

1091 AD by King Kyansittha, it contains statues of Buddha and stone sculptures of

exquisite workmanship representing various scenes in Buddha’s life.

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King Kyansittha’s Ananda Temple




This small but well laid out museum is run by the

Archaeological Department. On display here are ancient artifacts found within Pagan.

Whether mural paintings, plaster carvings or bas-relief, many are of high artistic quality

– marvellous relics of Pagan’s glory.


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Beautiful puppets for the avid admireri




Mount Popa, a 1,500-metre extinct volcano, about

60 kilometres south east of Pagan is home of Myanmar’s “nats”- a collection

of 37 supernatural beings. Twice yearly, thousands of people will gather here to attend

the nats festival to honour these spirits.


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Mt.Popa-home of the nats

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