Ministry of Industry

The Ministry

of Industry (1) is headed by the Minister of Industry (1) and two Deputy

Ministers. The two Director Generals and six Managing Directors manage

two Directorates and six Industries.

     (1) The Directorate

of Industry (D.I)

     (2) The Directorate

of Industrial Supervision and Inspection.


The six Industries

comprised of:-

       (1) Myanma

Textile Industries (M.T.I)

       (2) Myanma

Foodstuff Industries (M.F.I)

       (3) Myanma

Pharmaceutical Industries (M.P.I)

       (4) Myanma

Paper and Chemical Industries (M.P.C.I)

       (5) Myanma

Ceramic Industries (M.C.I)

       (6) Myanma

General and Maintenance Industries (M.G.M.I)

The Industries

under the Ministry cater to the needs of both domestic and foreign market.

All the Industries are open for any kind of collaborations with Foreign

and Local Entrepreneurs. At the present moment three methods of collaborations

are exercised.

        (1) Joint Venture formation

        (2) Buy back arrangements

        (3) Production on consignment



Foreign Entrepreneurs have seized the opportunity of such collaborations.

As such there are at present eight Joint Ventures already established

with different Industries under the Ministry of Industry (1). Many more

are expected in the very near future. Regarding equity ratio contribution

in J.V there is no hard and fast rule. It is open for discussion.

This gives a concise coverage of the activities of each Department and

Industries under the Ministry of Industry (1). For detail discussions

on specific product please feel free to contact the respective Industries

at contact addresses.