Policy and Objective

The Ministry

of Commerce is one of the Ministries of the Government of the Union of Myanmar

and it plays a vital role in the implementation of the economic reforms

towards the market-oriented economy especially in the trade sector. The

Ministry of Commerce sets out four main objectives and three basic principles

as policy guidelines in trade performance.

Main Objectives

1. To support internal and external trade activities for the economic development

of the country.

2. To upgrade the commercial efficiency of the public and private trading


3. To increase the foreign exchange earnings of the country by export promotion.

4. To encourage the trading activities of co-operatives and private entrepreneurs.

Basic Principles

1. Trade activities should be aimed at the interest of the State and the


2. Trade activities should not be a burden to the people.

3. Trade activities should be aimed at structuring a long-term viable trading

system. rather than to gain short-term profit.


The Ministry of Commerce is formed by the following departments and trading


1. Office of the Minister

2. Directorate of Trade

3. Department of Border Trade

4. Myanmar Agricultural Produce Trading

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