Alungdaw Kathapa National Park

  • Alungdaw

    Kathapa National Park


  • Located

    between 22′ 25′ N and 94′ 26′ E in Mingin Township of Sagaing Division.


  • 620.35

    square miles.


of Establishment

  • Established

    as a wildlife sanctuary in 1941 and opened as a national park in 1984.

  • (a) Yangon

    to Alungdaw Kathapa, 981 miles by car.

  • (b) Yangon

    to Mamdalay, 400 miles by airway and      Mandalay

    to Alungdaw Kathapam, 148 miles by car.


  • (a) To

    conserve Biodiversity including flora and fauna.

  • (b) To

    study and research on ecosystem of plants and      animals.

  • (c) To

    mange forest resources, including biodiversity by establishing as a

    national park in accordance with the sustainable production policy

    of natural resources

  • (d) To

    promote ecotourism.


/ Vegetative Types

  • (a) Moist

    Upper Mixed Deciduous Forests

  • (b) Dry

    Upper Mixed Deciduous Forests

  • (c) Lower

    Mixed Deciduous Forests

  • (d) Indaing


  • (e) Pine


  • Elephant,

    tiger, leopard, gaur, banteng, sambur, barking deer, jungle goat, mountain

    goat, bear, wild boar, jungle cat and many kinds of birds inhabit Alungdaw



Development and Research   Programmes

  • (a) Conservation

    of natural Forests.

  • (b) Conservation

    of wildlife including tiger,

  • (c) Carrying

    out research works and Conservation of tiher generations with the assistance

    of international  organizations.

  • (d) Conservation

    of all-weather road from Kapaing village to Bayana Camp.

  • (e) Conducting

    enviromental education programmes.

  • (f) Promoting



for Study and Recreation

  • (a) Worship

    at the place where Alungdaw Shinmahar      Kathpa

    has been enshrined.

  • (b) Visiting

    and conducting research in the least      disturbed

    forest types.

  • (c) Conducting

    research on tiger conservation and      management.

  • (d) Observing

    intand avifauna species.

  • (e) Study

    of the growing condition of Kndaing forest and Pine forest.

  • (f) Accommodation

    facilities for  

          – 5 persons in Yinmabin guest house

          –  10 persons at the mountain guest


          –  8 persons in a logged cabin

    and 2 hotels

          –  5 persons in nearby Kapaing


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