Mongla Emerges as Modern Major Town

News & Views : Mongla Emerges as Modern Major Town

Mongla Emerges as Modern Major Town

Jun 08, 2001

Chairman of the Work Committee for Development of Border Areas and National Races, Secretary -1 of the State Peace and Development Council, Lt-Gen Khin Nyunt on a tour remarked on 16 May that Mongla town in the Shan State ( East ) special region-4 had become a busy, modern major town due to the sponsorship and assistance of the State and the active implementation of the special region’s leaders, it is also a result of peace. In the past, not only the State but also the local people had to suffer because of the armed conflicts that erupted among the national brethren, he said.

Secretary-1 Lt-Gen Khin Nyunt said it was an honour for leaders of the Special Region to build and open education, health, religious and social infrastructure for the local people such as the office building of the Shan State ( East ) Special Region-4 in Mongla, the Dway Nagara Monastery, the Gems Museum, the Mongla Market, the four star Hlinetunt Hotel, the bitumen town road and the bridge, the town water supply station and the Mongla Golf Course. Opening of Kengtung-Mongla and Mongla-Silu roads will help much towards development of eastern Shan State and uplift of the social standards of the local people, he added.

Posted: Friday, June 08, 2001 5:03 PM