World No-Tobacco Day Observed

News & Views : World No-Tobacco Day Observed

World No-Tobacco Day Observed

Jun 20, 2001

World No-Tobacco Day was observed at the International Business Centre, Yangon on 31 May, with an address by Minister for Health Maj-Gen Ket Sein.
The minister said Myanmar has observed World No-Tobacco Day since 1989, holding talks, paper reading sessions and seminars on the danger of smoking.

He said Myanmar had implemented its tobacco free programmes since 1980. Prohibition of Smoking at Theatres Act was enacted in 1959 and Public Health Law, in 1972.

Many countries of the world are now carrying out activities that lead to demand reduction of tobacco which include prohibition of smoking at public places and designating smoking restricted areas, banning of all forms of advertisement, putting up warning labels on cigarette packages, increasing tax on tobacco products and promoting health education programmes on dangers of tobacco.

During the launching of The Southeast Asia Anti-tobacco Flame from 15 December 2000 to 6 January 2001, not only Yangon Division, but people from all walks of life from the whole country, had heartily welcomed its arrival with banners, billboards, band troupes, health talks, easy and extempore talks competitions and exhibitions. There are about four million tobacco deaths in the world annually from tobacco-related cancer and other diseases.

Posted: Wednesday, June 20, 2001 10:57 AM