Narcotic Drugs Producers Jailed

News & Views : Narcotic Drugs Producers Jailed

Narcotic Drugs Producers Jailed

Jun 20, 2001

A combined team comprising members of local intelligence unit and Tachilek Anti-Drug Squad, acting on information, on 15 August 2000, searched the house of Daw Nan Hla of Pahsatwanli Village, Tachilek Township, and seized 17,330 stimulant tablets, 4.8 kilos of Ephedrine crystal, one kilo of caffeine powder and 0.5 kilo of colouring powder.

Action was taken against Daw Nan Hla,44, and Sai Moun Kham, 24, under Section 15 / 16 (B) /19 (A) / 21 of Narcotic Drugs and Psyschotropic Substances Law. Tachilek District Court heard the case and sentenced the two to ten years imprisonment each under Section 19 (A) to be served separately.

Posted: Wednesday, June 20, 2001 10:57 AM