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Malaria Control

Jun 25, 2001

The National Malaria Control Week was launched in conjunction with the opening of Roll Black Malaria Advocacy Meeting at the Institute of Nursing, Yangon, on 9 June.

Malaria poses a major problem in Myanmar. It is the most common disease. In Myanmar, about 600,000 people suffer from malaria every year of which 4,000 people die annually. The outbreak rate of malaria and the death toll are higher in border areas. Malaria has reared its ugly head again because of the economic activities of people, the changes in weather and malaria-spreading mosquitoes that have become immune to anti-malaria medicines.

Roll back Malaria means taking measures to suppress malaria. In a bid to build Myanmar into a peaceful modern and developed nation, roads and bridges and dams are being built and underground and above-ground natural resources tapped. If malaria problems arise, the projects for development of the nation can be delayed. In implementing economic plans, departments concerned need to cooperate with the Health Department.

Posted: Monday, June 25, 2001 3:51 PM