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News & Views : Resolutions Shall Become Reality

Resolutions Shall Become Reality

Jun 25, 2001

A mass meeting was held on 1-1-2000 in the ancient city of Bagan ushering in the 21st century, when Six Resolutions for national wellbeing were passed.

These we have vowed to turn into reality with the moral and physical strength of the entire national people.

The Six Resolutions are:

– We continue to regard Our Three Main National Causes as a national duty

– We shall steadfastly implement objectives laid down for political, economic and social development

– We shall safeguard our nation and citizens

– We shall build a peaceful and stable nation having high standard of living

– We shall strive for development of human resources of the State

– We shall strive for the flourishing and propagation of Union Spirit in the State

These decision put down compactly by the mass meeting express our resolve to see to it that we are able to build a peaceful, prosperous , modern nation where each citizen is assured an improved quality of life.

We also have the Union Spirit enunciated more accurately so that all of us shall be guided by it in all our endeavours individually and collectively, and it is elaborated thus:

Union Spirit is very important for the nation. The Union of Myanmar is made up of various national races. When all nationals were united, our nation was great. In retrospect, it can vividly be seen that during Bagan, Taungoo and Konbaung periods, we were able to win the regard of our neighbours. That is why we find the value of Union Spirit incomparably great.

Union Spirit is the spirit that blinds all citizens in unity no matter in which section, which region they may reside. Union Spirit is built on the spirit of nationalism that engenders nationals to love, cherish and value a single motherland, our mother nation, and work for its prosperity. In a way, Union Spirit is that of oneness and unity of nationals who have descended from kin who have lived together with affection, in weal and woe on the same land, drinking the same water for a long time.

If Union Spirit weakens, national unity will be adversely affected and sovereignty can be lost. Union Spirit for the perpetuation and prosperity of our country.

Union Spirit is the spirit of striving for prosperity of the Union where national races reside, through amity and unity. Therefore, the perpetuity, stability, peace and tranquillity and development of the nation hinge on collaborated efforts of all the national races based on Union Spirit.

The Six Resolutions for the 21st century will not become reality nor will the Union Spirit flourish without each and everyone of us doing his or her best to see that we are able to put into practice the resolutions we ourselves have accepted as guidelines for peace, prosperity and security which we deserve to enjoy. There is no short cut or magic formula to success.

Posted: Monday, June 25, 2001 3:55 PM