Narcotic drug eradication launched with added momentum at Laukkai region

Narcotic drug eradication launched with added momentum at
Laukkai region


angon, 24 Dec – The
Government of the Union of Myanmar designated the narcotic drug eradication task
as a national duty and undertook the drug eradication tasks with added momentum
at border areas in cooperation with neighbouring countries. As a result of the
exchange of information on narcotic drugs between China and Myanmar, authorities
raided the surrounding areas of Laukkai, Kokang region, at the border of two

They arrested eight persons together with narcotic drugs,
chemicals and liquid to be used in manufacturing narcotic drugs and
paraphernalia on 6 November 2001. According to the investigation received from
the culprits, a combined team comprising members of local Tatmadawmen,
intelligence unit, Myanmar Police Force and Shan State (North) Special Region-1,
searched the house of Shauk Phon in Upper Tasinkeng Village in Laukkai Township,
Kokang region, the border area of the two countries, on 13 December 2001 and
seized four persons with two machines which were used in manufacturing stimulant
tablets, a powder mixer, three grinding machines with dynamos, one motor-pump,
1,200 kilos of ephedrine powder which is the main raw material in producing
stimulant tablets, 675 litres of acetic anhydride, 225 litres of chloroform, 4
kilos of sodium sulphate, 40 litres of incense liquid, other chemicals and 24
items of paraphernalia. On the further investigation, the combined team searched
to the house of Shauk Phon in Zarmani Myothit, Laukkai Township. They seized two
persons with 292.5 litres of sulphuric acid, 90 litres of ethyl ether, 9,142.5
litres of ether, one M-16 automatic rifle, 186 rounds of ammunition and 8 items
of paraphernalia. Action is being taken against the persons, drugs and
paraphernalia under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Law.