A combined team

pill makers arrested

combined team comprising members of the local Tatmadawmen, local 
intelligence unit and Myanmar Police Force, acting on information, searched the
house of Aik Yee, 45, of  Lunkyine Village in Haung Leit Village-tract,
Tachilek Township and found 6 kilos of  stimulant powder, a China-made
modern machine used for production of  stimulants pills, 26 moulds bearing
the word “WY” and one motor in the basement under the kitchen of the
house, and a Toyota Corolla with number plate 7 Ka/ 9808 in the room of the house on 20 October evening.

The authorities also searched another house of Aik Yee in San Sai (Lower) Ward and found his wife Daw
Ei Kham, 41, there and 2 packets of caffeine weighing 22 kilos in the basement
of the house.

The Tachilek police station booked them under Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic
Substances Law.