Post Independence Era

Drug Production and

Trafficking by Armed


Shan insurgents purchased arms form the KMT and engaged in opium trade

in this way

       ln -1959-60 the Shan insurgents

arose and formed an unholy alliance with the KMT for the purpose of raising

funds for their existence through drug trafficking. Some of the Self-Defense

Forces formed to combat them also succumbed to the lure of drug profits

and began to traffic in drugs. In 1973 when the Government decided to end

these forces some of them refused to turn in their arms and instead became

drug traffickers.

       The Burma Communist Party (BCP)

moved into the Kokang and Wa areas in 1968, and to gain funds and allies the

began to traffic drugs and even to later produce heroin directly. Thus the

volume of drugs production in that area increased eve further.