Moe Hein Operation Phase 6

                  Division Commander Col. Than Shwe (now Senior General Than Shwe) inspecting the Suwinho
                            Opium Traffickers' camp captured during the Operation Moe Hein phase (6). (23-3-81)

       Opium refineries in Lwe Lan region of Myanmar-Thai Border, were destroyed by Moe Hein Operations Phase 6, carried out from 16 - 21 March l981. The combined forces of the Tatmadaw with air support attacked and;~destroyed the Tu Pin Ko Camp and Ma Lan Naing Camp used by about 120 Lahu Insurgents and Chinese KMT troops, and also Lwe San Saw range of BCP-influenced El Vee's 150 strong La Hu insurgents. During its 9 engagements, 6 Tatmadaw men were killed and 13 injured. From the enemy side, 32 were killed, 2 were captured and 1 injured. The Tatmadaw seized 19 different weapons, 3 kilos of Heroin No. 4, 2 kilos of Tiger Head Brand Heroin No. 4, 6.5 kilos of 999 Heroin No. 3, 12.5 kilos of Heroin No. 2, totalling 24 kilos of Heroin, 6 kilos of Brown Opium, 101.9 kilos of black opium, 120 bottles of Ethyl Alcohol, 24 bottles of Chloroform, 4 tins of Lime Stone, 14 pacts of Sodisat, 4 packs of wax, 41 packs of Blasting Powder, and other paraphernalia.

                                                              Map of the Operation Moe Hein phase (6)