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Friday, 29 December,




Elimination Museum calls for

national and multinational cooperation

Laukkai, a town in the area of brethren

Kokang nationals of Shan State (North) Special RegionÊ1, saw the other day the

opening ceremony of the Drugs Elimination Museum held on a grand scale in the

presence of the dignitaries of the government, diplomats, officials of the UNDCP,

local and foreign journalists and over 5,000 locals.

It is one of the initiatives and campaigns

leading to materialization of the 15-year programme to eradicate narcotic drugs


It is also a matter of honour for the Union

as well as for Kokang area that the drugs elimination museum to educate and

organize the people has been opened on a grand scale at a time when the

government and the national race leaders in co-operation with the national

people are striving as a national duty to combat the scourge of narcotic drugs.

Among other important points in his keynote

address, Chairman of the Work Committee for Development of Border Areas and

National Races Secretary?1 of the State Peace and Development Council Lt-Gen

Khin Nyunt stated with delight that today, with increased success in national

solidarity, under the leadership of the government, the national leaders and

regional people are endeavouring hand in hand in unison, and accordingly, there

has been considerable success in regional development, economic progress and

enhanced standard of living, so much so that the regional people have become

more enlightened, they see the evils of narcotic drugs, and of their own will,

they have gradually reduced their poppy cultivation.

He further pointed out that with economic

development in border areas where there had reigned the dark shadows of evils of

past history, the regional people’s life will rise higher, they become

enlightened, and they will come to realise the evils of narcotic drugs, and thus

the targets of eradicating narcotic drugs will be achieved in a short period of


It is internationally recognized that Myanmar

poppy cultivation has been reduced by 31 per cent in the 1999-2000 growing

season and likewise poppy production has been reduced by 38 per cent and also

there has been reduction in seizures of poppy and heroin in all neighbouring


Concerns about stimulant drugs arose in 1996.

Contrary to the fault-finding accusations and fabrication of critical news

stories blaming Myanmar in the matter of amphetamines, Myanmar has never engaged

in production of ephedrine that is basic in production of amphetamines and it

has been found that the paraphernalia, technology and skilled persons came from

other countries.

At this juncture, the opening of Kokang

Region Drugs Elimination Museum calls for national and multinational

cooperation, and meanwhile, Myanmar will systematically carry on with its

commitment to be totally free from poppy cultivation and to eradicate production

of narcotic drugs.