Eradication of drug abuse

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Monday, 6 August, 2001


Eradication of drug abuse

The danger of narcotic drugs abuse remains a serious issue

for all the global countries. It is a major threat to the entire mankind.

Myanmar, as one of the global nations, is paying serious attention to this issue

and making all-out efforts to do away with the drug menace. Narcotic drug is an

effective weapon of the colonialists in destroying human resources. Since 16th

century, Dutch and Roman merchants brought and distributed opium into Myanmar

via India.

It can be found in the history that in 1824, the

colonialists permitted licensed opium dens in Rakhine and Taninthayi regions. To

destroy ardent patriotism and national spirit of Myanmar people in order to

prolong the colonial rule, the colonialists utilized opium. Successive

governments have exerted their utmost efforts to wipe out the drug menace

totally from the country.

Operation Moe Hein phases 1 to 12, Operation Ngayepan

phases 1 to 8, Operation Taungyanshin phases 1 to 4 and other regional

operations named Melone, Hninpan, Paukpan, Taunghteikpan, HaemanU, etc were

launched from 1975 to 1988 by the people and the Tatmadaw sacrificing lives,

blood and sweat.

During the time of the Tatmadaw Government, the armed

groups at border areas returned to the legal fold and the national

reconsolidation has been achieved. Respective regions have thus achieved marked

development. With the leadership and assistance of the Government, efforts have

been made for development of border areas where poppy was grown in the past.

Opium substitute activities have been undertaken for eradication of narcotic


At present, according to the guidance of Head of State

Senior General Than Shwe, the 15-year master plan for elimination of drug menace

from 1999 to 2014 is being implemented with might and main. Within a couple of

years, opium output has been reduced considerably as a result. In fact, the drug

problem in Myanmar is connected with peace and stability, national solidarity,

regional development and uplift of socio-economic lives of the local populace.

The Government and leaders of national races understand

this and border areas and national races development plans have thus

systematically been drawn up and are being implemented. Drug eradication and

regional development works are being carried out in parellel today. With or

without external assistance, Myanmar will implement the 15-year master plan for

total eradication of the drug menace.