The New Light of MyanmarSunday, 25 June, 2000

The New Light of

Sunday, 25 June, 2000



narcotic drugs with firm determination 

In connection with combating

narcotic drugs, Head of State Senior General Than Shwe gave the following

guidance in his address delivered at the 51st Anniversary of the Armed Forces

Day on March 27, 1996.

“Combating narcotic drugs

is an enormous, difficult and formidable task since it is the concern of all

peoples of the world. We will welcome assistance from all quarters if given with

genuine and sincere goodwill. Even if assistance is not forthcoming, we will

carry on with our own means to eradicate the scourge of narcotic drugs, which is

endangering the peoples of the world”.

Accordingly, Myanmar has

strenuously fought against the danger of narcotic drugs. As part of the fight

against the global scourge it has destroyed narcotic drugs and precursor

chemicals seized by the law enforcement agencies.

A total of 321 kilos of

heroin, 1,869 kilos of opium, over 30 million stimulant tablets and other drugs,

seized by law enforcement agencies, were put to torch at the 14th Destruction of

Narcotic Drugs the other day in Yangon.

Since assuming State

responsibilities in 1998, the State Peace and Development Council has stepped up

anti-drug campaigns year after year, tackling the problem in all its facets,

employing a multi-sectoral approach. In so doing, it is cooperating not only

with its neighbours but also with the international organizations and the

international community. Drug eradication activities in Myanmar are regarded not

only as a national duty, but also as a national commitment. The Central

Committee for Drug Abuse Control and its sub-committees that were established in

1979, have been reorganized and reinforced with the aim of effective and

expeditious implementation of the tasks at hand.

After relentless efforts,

cultivation and production of opium have gradually decreased from 151,200 acres

in 1997/98 to 102,066 acres in 1998/99 and finally to only 90,437 acres in


The government has begun

implementation of the Fifteen-Year Narcotic Drugs Elimination plan starting from

1999/2000. This plan will target 51 drug cultivating and producing townships and

will cover a broad spectrum of supply elimination, demand elimination, law

enforcement, community participation and international cooperation. The plan has

an estimated budget of K 33,588.14 million and US $ 150 million.

Certainly, the Fifteen-Year

Drug Elimination Plan can be implemented within 12 years or sooner with

international assistance for the global cause. However, Myanmar is prepared to

carry on the fight whether it receives such assistance and cooperation.