307 drug-related cases exposed in December

307 drug-related cases

exposed in December

YANGON, 27 Jan – The Tatmadaw,

the Myanmar Police Force and the Customs Department exposed 307 drug-related

cases in December, 1999.

The authorities seized 7.705

kilos of opium in 10 case, 6.5956 kilos of heroin in 124 cases, 14.5505 kilos of

marijuana in 37 cases, 25.68 litres of Phensedyl in two cases, 0.2901 kilo of

low-grade opium in 12 cases, 6287231 stimulant tablets in 44 cases, 38.3243

kilos of ephedrine in 11 cases, 43.1 litres of cough syrup in four cases, 45.46

litres of acetic anhydrite in one case and 791.156 litres of other chemical

liquid and exposed 59 cases for failure to register and two other cases.

Action was taken against 424

persons, 343 men and 81 women involved in 307 cases.


Vast field of poppy

destroyed in Myanmar

YANGON, 25 Jan— A CNN report said on the remote

hillside in Myanmar’s Shan State, a vast field of poppy, the source of opium and much of

the heroin that reaches the West, was swept away by the villagers, who cropped it, and

by Myanmar soldiers.

For more than 100 years we depended on drugs to make our living. But now, the drug

trade is quite harmful to us and the whole world says drug is the enemy. So now, we are

against them, too, said U Pauk Yu Chan, a Wa national leader.

That was Myanmar’s answer to those who described her as a nrco-state. The purpose of that exercise was

to show they are taking the drug problem seriously.


Local, foreign

journalists study progress in destroying poppy fields and cultivating substitute

crops in Shan State (East)


of Central Committee for Drug Abuse Control Police Maj-Gen Soe Win

answers queries of local and foreign correspondents at Golden Triangle

Hotel in Tachilek.


YANGON, 17 Jan-Central Committee for Drug Abuse

Control conducted local and foreign correspondents around Shan State (East) on 15 and 16

January in enabling them to witness poppy eradication and cultivation of poppy substitute

crops in the region jointly conducted by the government and local people.

On arrival at Tachilek Airport, Secretary of CCDAC Director-General of Myanmar

Police Force Police Maj-Gen Soe Win explained to them about the narcotic drug control

measures, poppy cultivation which was encouraged by the colonialists and insurgents,

evil consequence of poppy cultivation, narcotics eradication, poppy substitution and regional

development and drawing a 15-year narcotic eradication plan.

Head of Office of the Strategic Studies Col Kyaw Thein briefed them about the


Accompanied by Deputy Commander of Triangle Region Command Brig-Gen Myint Swe and the Police

Maj-Gen Soe Win, the journalists viewed destruction of 1,000 acres of poppy fields on Loihusmsone

hill slopes at Loihsansaw by Tatmadawmen, Wa national people, local people and MPF

members totalling 1,750.


view Tatmadawmen, Wa national people, local people and MPF members

taking part in destroying poppy fields.

Lai Sam

Shsw region opium replacement project Wan Horng demonstration farm.

At Wonhon poppy substitute crop farm, U Pauk Yu Chan and party of Shan State (North)

Special Region 2 and local people gave replies to queries raised by the correspondents.

The journalists then visited the temporary camps of Wa nationals

who will cultivate substitute crops at the farm. 

In Tasan region, Monghsat Township, they viewed

destruction of 600 acres of poppy fields by Tatmadawmen, local people and MPF members

totalling 700.

Police Maj-Gen Soe Win hosted a dinner at Kengtung Hotel in honour of the journalists.

Commander of Triangle Region Command Maj-Gen Thein Sein and Deputy Commander Brig-Gen Myint


were also present.

Yesterday, the journalists visited a poultry farm and a vineyard of Honpan Company

of Shan State East Special Region 2.

At the luncheon hosted at Golden Triangle Hotel, officials replied to queries raised

by the journalists concerning

the trip.

The Department for Development of Border Areas and National Races presented cash

assistance to poppy substitute clop cultivation farmers.

Twenty-seven journalists foreign media groups were included in the tour.


504 acres of poppy

plantations destroyed in Pinlaung


Jan—The State Peace and Development Council is resolved to eradicate narcotic

drugs as national duty, combined teams comprising members of Tatmadaw columns,

local intelligence units and Myanmar Police Force have been destroying illegal

poppy plantations in remote areas of Shan State with the arrangements of local

military commands.

Pa-O National Organization (NPO) of

Shan State (South) Special Region 6, together with local people, destroyed 504

acres of illegal poppy plantations in Pinlaung Township, Shan State ( South ),

from 17 to 25 December 1999.