Central Committee for Drug Abuse Control reviews anti-narcotic measures

Central Committee for Drug

Abuse Control reviews anti-narcotic measures

YANGON, 25 March-The Central

Committee for Drug Abuse Control held meeting NO 1/2000 at the  meeting

hall of the Ministry of Home Affairs this afternoon, with an address by Chairman

of CCDAC  Minister for Home Affairs Col Tin Hlaing.

Also present on the occasion were member of CCDAC Minister at the Prime

Minister’s Office Brig-Gen  Lun Maung, Chairman of the Monitoring Committee

for Working Groups of CCDAC Deputy Minister  for Home Affairs Brig-Gen

Thura Myint Maung, deputy ministers who are also chairmen of working 

groups, Deputy Chief of Office of Strategic Studies of the Ministry of Defence

Maj-Gen Kyaw Win, officials of the Supreme Court and the Attorney-General’s

Office, Secretary of CCDAC Director-General  of Myanmar Police Force Police

Maj-Gen Soe Win, the Joint-Secretary and members, officials of CCDAC 

Office and Myanmar Anti-Narcotics Association (Central) and guests.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister Col Tin Hlaing said working groups of

CCDAC are to report on  implementation of the previous meeting’s decisions.

The meeting was to review accomplishment achieved during the first-five year

project covered by the 15 year narcotic drugs eradication programme.

He added drugs prevention groups were to co-operate with teachers of

respective schools in eradication of stimulant tablets. He stressed the need to

keep students away from the danger of stimulants. Regarding demand reduction,

the short story, article, song, poem, cartoon, painting, poster  and

sculpture competitions and the State-level narcotic drugs educative exhibitions

are annually held to march the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit

Trafficking which falls on 26 June.

In conclusion, the Minister urged them to review their performance in the

tasks and take remedial measures. Secretary of CCDAC Police Maj-Gen Soe Win and

officials reported on implementation of the  previous meeting’s resolutions

and tasks being carried out. Minister Brig-Gen Lun Maung and those present gave

suggestions. The meeting ended with the remarks by Minister Col Tin Hlaing..


324 drug-related cases

exposed in February


24 March – A total of 324 drug cases had been exposed by the Tatmadaw, the

Myanmar Police Force and the Customs Department in February 2000.

The authorities seized 136.9367 kilos of opium in 40

cases, 15.6184 kilos of heroin in 104 cases, 0.1812 kilo of opium oil in four

cases, 11.5 kilos of brown opium, 1.7248 kilos of low grade opium in six cases,

28.5169 kilos of marijuana in 59 cases, 48.65 litters of Phensedyi in four

cases, 182,826 stimulant tablets in 36 cases, 1067.7453 kilos of Ephedrine in 14

cases, 226 kilos of stimulant powder in one case, 9.23 litters of cough syrup in

two cases, 796.25 litters of chemical liquid in one case, 177.5 litters of

Hydrochloric Acid in one case,47 cases of failure to register and five others.

Action has been taken against 459 persons-393 men and

66 women involved in 324 cases during the period.


First shipment of

buckwheat heads for Japan


8 March – The first shipment of buckwheat cultivated in formerly opium growing

areas in northern Shan State as opium substitute crop headed for Japan today.

Myanma Agricultural Produce Trading of the

Ministry of Commerce exported the crop on board mv Magway which left for

Yokohama at 12.35 pm.


Press Conference held

on successful completion of buckwheat harvesting and export to Japan




Briton found dead in hotel room

YANGON, 5 March – A Briton was found dead in Room No 1814 of the Traders Hotel, Kyauktada

Township, here, on 3 March morning. 

He was reported to be Mr Hon Hugh Fitzroy Newdegate, aged 38, holding Passport No 037281181. 

According to doctors of Yangon General Hospital and forensic experts of the chemical examiner’s

office, after the post-mortem examination and inspection of the objects seized, he died of drug

overdose. Mr Hon Hugh Fitzroy Newdegate arrived Bangkok, Thailand, on 26 February. He proceeded

to Yangon on 1 March and stayed at the Traders Hotel. 

On 3 March morning, a phone operator of the hotel rang Mr Hon Hugh Fitzroy Newdegate to say that

there was an overseas call for him, but there was no answer to the phone call. 

At 10.45 am, officials of the hotel unlocked the door and inspected his room, and he was found

dead in bed. They informed Kyauktada Township Police Station and Yangon General Hospital. Police

officers and doctors found a packet of heroin weighing about 0.02 gram in the drawer of the

telephone desk next to the bed. 

Officials informed the British Embassy and Third Secretary of the embassy Miss Karen Williams

visited and inspected the scene.


328 drug-related cases exposed in January

YANGON, 2 March – A total of 328 drug cases had been exposed by the Tatmadaw, the Myanmar Police

Force and the Customs Department in January 2000. 

The authorities seized 

  27.2866   kilos of opium in 20 cases,

    2.4128   kilos of heroin in 126 cases,

    1.1436   kilo of opium oil in two cases,

240.8222   kilos of marijunna in 57 cases,

    0.4         litre of Phensedyl in one case,

    1.3132   kilo of lower level opium in 14 cases,

545.4457   kilos of Ephedrine in eight cases,

    4.945     litre of cough depressant in two cases,

    0.0003   kilo of stimulant powder in one case,

659,726     stimulant tablets in 47 cases and exposes 49 cases for failure to register

and two others. 

Action has been taken against 444 culprits?368 men and 76 women involved in 328 cases during the