Secretary-1 inspects Drug Elimination Museum

Secretary-1 inspects Drug Elimination Museum

Yangon, 31 March – Secretary-1 of the State Peace and

Development Council Lt-Gen Khin Nyunt inspected the Drug Elimination Museum and

gave instructions to officials this morning. The Secretary-1, accompanied by

officials of the State Peace and Development Council Office, arrived at the

museum at the corner of Hanthawady Street and Kyundaw Street in Kamayut


They were welcomed by Chairman of the Central Committee for

Drug Abuse Control Minister for Home Affairs Col Tin Hlaing, the deputy

ministers, members of the CCDAC and officials. The Secretary-1 inspected the

place where seized narcotic drugs will be put to the torch in the compound of

the museum, and gave instructions.

Then, the Secretary-1 inspected the booths on treatment and

rehabilitation, the meeting room, the e-library, the booth on giving education

on the danger of drugs, the booth on the development of border areas, the booths

of Myanmar Anti-Drug Association and the Border Area Development Association,

the booth on drug elimination operations and the booth on efforts for

eradication of narcotic drugs. He gave instructions on the display of drug

control cooperation programmes being implemented by Myanmar, neighbouring

countries and foreign organizations, and the systematic keeping of documentary

photos on drug control efforts.


Poppy plantations destroyed in Kachin State


21 March – A combined team comprising local Tatmadawmen, members of Myanmar

Police Force and Anti-drug Squad, together with members of Kachin State Special

Region-2, destroyed a total of 1336.173 acres of poppy plantations in

Pajao-Naphaw and Hsamar regions in Kachin State from 12 February to 14 March

this year.


287 drug cases exposed in January


7 March – The Tatmadaw, the 287 drug cases exposed in JanuaryMyanmar Police

Force and the Customs Departments exposed 287 drug-related cases in January

2002. Seizures made by them were 131.1759 kilos of opium in 16 cases, 10.7847

kilos of heroin in 109 cases, 0.0033 kilos of opium oil in five cases, 0.7455

kilos of low-grade opium in eight cases, 10.1378 kilos of marijuana in 22 cases,

13 litres of Phensedyl in two cases, 656,281 stimulant tablets in 71 cases, 157

kilos of Ephedrine in one case, two kilos of stimulant powder, 1.2 litres of

cough syrup in one case, 12.0942 kilos of opium powder in two cases, 445.508

litres of Acetic Anhydride, 1,227.42 litres of chemical liquid in one case, 28

cases for failure to register and 21 other cases. Action was taken against 388

persons 313 men and 75 women.