260,000 stimulant tablets seized in Lashio

260,000 stimulant tablets
seized in Lashio

Launghsi and Shaung Hsan nabbed with stimulant
tablets at the entry of Karmaing on 24 March.

28 April-A combined team comprising local intelligence unit and Myanmar Police
Force inspected a Landrover with number plate Gagyi/4415, near Yingwetaung
short-cut, entrance to Karmaing, Kachin State on 24 March. .

The car which was driven by Shaung Hsan, son
of U Yan Lin, Hopaik village, Lashio, with the other Launghsi, son of U Le
Shaung Ywin, left Lashio for Phakant, and turned over at the place on 23 March.

Suspicious of the accident, the authorities
inspected the area and seized 130 packets of 260,000 stimulant tablets bearing
the words ‘WY’ hidden about 50 feet from the car.