Stimulant tablets seized in Kengtung

Stimulant tablets
seized in Kengtung

Aik Bar and Ma Ar Mi nabbed with 4,460
stimulant tablets in Kengtung on 27 January.

8 Feb – A combined team comprising members of local intelligence unit, acting on
information, while inspecting vehicles at Tarpin Checkpoint, Kengtung, Shan
State (East), on 21 January, searched a Superroof car (Ahd1910) and seized
passengers Aik Bar, 40, son of U Ar Ti and Ma Ar Mi, 40, daughter of U Ar Tu of
Hotit Ward, Mongyan together with 4,460 stimulant tablets.

Action is being taken against them under the
Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Law.