4.12 kilos of heroin seized in Lashio

4.12 kilos of heroin seized
in Lashio

Bauk Gya and Ma Mar Ywe nabbed with
heroin weighing 4.2 kilos in Lashio on 17

25 March A combined team comprising members of local intelligence unit and
Myanmar  Police Force, acting on information, waiting near the house, No 1
Region, No 5 Ward, Lashio, Northern  Shan State, seized Ma Bauk Gya,
daughter of U Shan Kham, Lwetauk Village, Hsenwi Township and Ma  Mar Ywe,
daughter of U Yin Chan, Shwesein Street, No 3 Region, No 7 Ward, Lashio,
together with 4.12  kilos of heroin on 17 March.

Action is being taken against them under the
Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Law.