Opium refinery raided in Lashio

Opium refinery

raided in Lashio


5 April � A combined team

comprising local Tatmadawmen, members of local intelligence unit and Myanma

Police Force, acting on information, raided an opium refinery in the ravine on

the north-west of Tawnay Village, Lashio Township in Shan State (North) on 17

March and found four ownerless huts which were used in heroin-refining, 1068.11

litres of spirit, 363.68 litres of hydrochloric acid, 9.87 litres of acetic

anhydride, 204.3 litres of Lysol, 400 kilos of ammonium chloride, 400 kilos of

charcoal, 75 flasks and 20 other equipment used in refining drugs.

On 18 March, the

team continued searching near the camp and found ownerless 327.312 litres of

hydrochloric acid and 7000.84 litres of spirit. The police station concerned has

taken action over the seizure.