3.6 million stimulant tablets, opium oil seized

3.6 million stimulant

tablets, opium oil seized


of local intelligence unit and Myanmar Police Force, searched a car with number

plate 1 Kha/6108 driven by Aik Aung (a) Lawlu, 31, of Region 5, Ward 7 in Lashio

and accompanied by Sai Aung (a) Keinshu, 21, of Yayayekwin Ward in Taunggyi, at

the Nawnghkio check-point in Shan State (North) on 13 July. The authorities

found 3,464,000 stimulant tablets bearing the letters “WY” in the car. On

further investigation, the authorities arrested the owner of the tablets, Than

Aung (a) Kya Chi, 31, of Thirimingala Street, Min-galaU Ward in Taunggyi

together with 136,000 stimulant tablets and 0.24995 kilo of opium oil in Lashio.

Action is being taken against the three in accord with the Narcotic Drugs and

Psychotropic Substances Law by the police station concerned.