Opium refinery raided

Opium refinery raided

Yangon, 3

May – A combined team comprising members of the local Tatmadawmen, local

intelligence unit and Myanmar Police Force, acting on information, found a drug

refinery hut, one hut and two storehouses in a rivine near Manjaryan Village in

Kutkai Township, Shan State (North) on 28 February. The authorities also

arrested Kyaw Win, 25, of Tashwehtan Village in Kutkai Township, Law San, 26, Li

Lauk Chan, 26 and Yan Ae, 23 of Monekoe Myo together with 8.05 kilos of heroin,

1.2 kilos of brown opium, two M-20 pistols, one .38 pistol, one M-22 rifle, one

M-16 rifle, three magazines, 40 rounds of various ammunitions, 62.5 litres of

hydrochloric acid, 36 litres of acetic acid, 1872.5 litres of spirit, 36 litres

of chloroforms, 36 litres of acetic anhydrite, 245.48 litres of ether, 4 kilos

of white chemical powder and 15 other related equipment used in drug-refining.The

police station concerned has taken action over the seizure.