Drug elimination tasks beefed up in border areas

Drug elimination tasks

beefed up in border areas

Yangon, 16 Nov-The Union of Myanmar has been striving for

drug elimination as a national responsibility, in cooperation with neighbouring

countries to accelerate the momentum in drug elimination tasks at the border

areas. As a result of China-Myanmar cooperation in exchanging drug related

information, a combined team comprising members of local Tatmadaw and

intelligence units, Myanmar Police Force and members of Special region No 1 of

Shan State North raided an old opium refining camp, an old stimulant factory and

one large ethyl ether factory in the environs of Laukkai near the border of the

two countries.

They seized heroin 1.5 kg, raw material tablets for making

stimulant tablets 276 kg, ephedrine 90 kg, acid 156 litre, acetic anhydride

472.5 litres, ammonium hydroxide 67.5 litres, ethyl ether liquid 50,491.35

litres and 37 bottles, hydrochloric acid 941 litres, sulphuric acid 1,113.75 kg,

Lysol 132.5 litres, fragrant oil 130 litres, ethyl alcohol 126 litres, two

pistols, assorted rounds of ammunition 3,128, two cars, two trailer Gs, Myanmar

Kyat 650,000, Chinese Yuan 2,550, other precursor chemicals used in producing

narcotic drugs and 34 kinds of related equipment, together with 8 people. Action

is being taken against them, drugs and related equipment under Narcotic Drugs

and Psychotrophic Substances Law by Police station concerned.