Forestry Education, Research and Extension

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Forestry Education, Research and Extension

Forestry Education and Trainings

A two-year regular course at MFS

( i ) Institute of Forestry

Institute of Forestry (IOF) under MOF is located at Yezin,

Pyinmana. The annual intake is 50 students. The Institute offers not only the degree of Bachelor of Science in Forestry, but also Master-level post-graduate courses starting from the 1996- 97 academic year. IOF has a

total staff of 187. 



Myanmar Forest school at Pyin-Oo-Lwin


Myanmar Forest School

Myanmar Forest School (MFS), located in Pyin-Oo-Lwin of Upper Myanmar, has

been functioning for over 100 years. MFS held commemoration of its

Centenary in early 1998. MFS has been providing the staff of FD, DZGD and

MTE with technical trainings, and so far more than 3,000 trainees,

instrumental to the conservation and management of Myanmar forests, 

had graduated from MF.S.


An intensive training

course at CFDTC


Central Forestry Development Training Centre (CFDTC)

CFDTC was established in 1990 jointly by FD and the Japan International

Cooperation Agency (JICA). Since its inception, 27 types of trainings with 237

courses were conducted, and a total of 6,260 trainees including I ,331 local

people had been trained in various courses.



(iv) Trainings conducted by MTE

Training School No.1 (Nanchun): The School was established in 1980-81

with the objective of conducting training courses for in-service personnel of

MTE. The courses include subjects concerning with forest harvesting and wood-based

industries, among others. About seven courses are usually conducted each year, producing

some 150 trained personnel. 

Training School No. 2 (Pyinmana): The School was established in 1963-64 and has

been conducting machinery and engineering courses. Seven courses are organized every year

for 150 mechanics, drivers and machine operators.

Training School No. 3 (Yangon): Seven courses on timber trade and marketing and

management are conducted by the School annually. About 15() in-service personnel attend the

courses every year.

Forest Research Institute

Forestry research in Myanmar started in 1914 and a Research and Training Circle, created in 1952, was a fore-runner to the

present Research Institute. The Forest Research Institute (FRI) was established in 1978 at Yezin in Central Myanmar. At

present, FRI has a strength of 57 researchers and 164 supporting staff. So far, a total of 159 research papers had been

presented at annual congresses.



office building of



Junior nesearchers conducting    



laboratory analysis


Capacity building of forestry staff

Forestry Extension

Forestry Extension Division was established within FD in 1995. Since 

then, several pamphlets, posters and  books about forestry have been  published. A “Forest Bulletin” is being 

published every two months since  1998. Public media such as radio,  television and exhibitions are also 

used for extension purposes.

Various publications for

extension services

In a sense of welcoming the new  millenium the Extension Division had 

been incredibly active during  19992000:

-52 video documentaries with 10-minute display for each and two 30-minute video dramas, all 

centered on forestry were telecast;

-34 forest-related articles were broadcast to further enhance public interest; 

– publication of a monthly  magazine of around 160 pages with the primary purpose of 

disseminating forestry technologies and

a quarterly  journal of some 40 pages in English on important forestry 

activities has been made; and 

-two books were published in l999; one was the compilation of scientific articles written by 

forestry professionals and the other was the compilation of 

general articles from local newspapers.